Evolutionary Explanation

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  • Evolutionary Explanations for Eating Behaviour
    • All behaviour is adaptive; some behaviour now is maladaptive - so people explain that evolution is very slow and has not caused to the modern world and explain why our bad eating behaviours were adaptive once
      • Developed to be omnivores for a varied diet
    • Sweet, salty, fatt foods are valued in an environment where food supply is scarce - vital requirements - reliteavely rare
      • Overeat in times of plenty - make survival chance better
        • Weight problems now because of fast-food and cars
      • now not needed but find it hard to escape from evolutionary pressures
    • Preference for high fat foods
      • Fat contains twice as many calories as protein or carbs
      • Not easily available so sensible to binge
      • Foods are readily available so we find it difficult to keep fat consumption low
    • Preference for sweet foods
      • Associated with ripeness and quick fix of calories
      • Desor et al showed that babies have a preference for sweet tastes over bitter tastes (this is safer however)
      • Preference for sweet things may now encourage us to eat high calorie energy high foods like chocolate
    • Preference for salty foods
      • Essential for body function
      • Easy access but hard to find in the wild
      • eat crisps


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