Evolutionary Explanation of Aggression - (1)

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  • INTRO - Agg serves important function in terms of both individual survival reproductive success. Establishes dominance or better resources.
  • TERMS - jealousy, cuckoldry, sexual jealousy, infidelity, mate retention, direct guarding, negative inducements
  • WARFARE - Sexual selection means we choose between prospective mates
  • BULLYING - occurs due to a physical imbalance
    • Powerful individuals use agg deliberately and repeatedly against a weaker person.
  • Suggests dominance, strength, warding off rivals.
  • SEXUAL JEALOUSY - major motivator in males which can be given an evol exp.
  • This paternity uncertainty is a result of the real threat for the male of cuckoldry.
    • This is because men can never be totally sure about whether or not they have truly fathered a child.
  • Any investment in offspring that do not share males genes is a waste of his resources.
  • Men in our evolutionary past who could avoid cuckoldry were more reproductively successful.
  • Psychological mechanisms have evolved to increase anti-cuckoldry behaviours in males.
    • E.g. sexual jealousy is more experienced in males than females


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