A mindmap on evolution

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  • Evolution
    • Accepting Darwin's Ideas
      • Insufficient evidence
      • No mechanism for explaining variety and inheritance - gentics were not understood for another
      • A conflict with the widely held belief that god made all the animals and plants on the Earth.
    • Theories
      • Darwin
        • Survival of the fittest
        • Natural sellection
        • When Darwin suggested how evolution took place no one knew about genes.
      • Lamark
        • The change from worms to other organisms was caused by the inheritance of acquired characteristics
        • All organisms were linked by what he called "the fountain of life"
        • Lamarck influenced Darwin
    • Natural Selection
      • Mutation is a in the DNA which results in a new form of gene
      • The genes that have produced these successful characteristics are then passed on to the next generation.
      • The individuals with the characteristics are most suited to their environment are most likely to survive and breed successfully
      • Natural selection works by selecting the organisms best adapted to a particular habitat.
    • Classification and Evolution
      • studying the simlarities and differences between organisms allow us to classify them into animals plants and microoganisms
      • Classification also helps us to understand evolutionary and ecological relationships.


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