Raine, Fuchsbaum and LaCasse

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  • Evidence - Raine, Buchsbaum and LaCasse
    • Methodology
      • participants
        • 41 murders
        • all pleaded guilty, either insanity/incompetence
        • sent to uni of california
        • were all drug free - urine test
        • control group
          • matched up with murderer
            • six schizophrenics murdered, matched with six schizophrenic non-murderd
          • on of control group were murders
          • also had some with no like to psychotic illness
      • procedures
        • used a pet scan
          • were all given a tracer (FDG) to see active parts of the brain
          • all asked to do, continuous performance task CTP
            • to activate certain parts of brain
    • Findings
      • Brain differences
        • reduced activity in the brain
          • in some areas previously linked to violence
        • abnormal asymmetries
          • reduced activity on left side of brain.
            • some have linked this with violence
        • no differences
          • mental illness but no violence
      • performance on ctp
        • there were similar
        • no effect
      • other findings
        • handedness
          • six of murders were lifted handed, higher medical prefrontal activity
        • ethnicity- between coloured and white people there were no differences
        • head injury - 23 had head injury but didn't differ of ones with
    • conclusion
      • L for left = less active
      • R for right more reactive
      • reduced activity - in some areas, notably the ares linked with violence
      • not as much differences


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