Evidence Of Climate Change

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  • Evidence Of Climate Change.
    • Earth is getting warmer.
      • Glacial period ended 15,000 years ago but Earth is heating up.
      • Before Quaternary- Earth's climate was warmer and stable.
      • Global warming over the last century.
    • Methods
      • Ice Cores
        • Drill into ice to get a core of ice.
        • Gas particles in ice are analysed.
        • Very detailed and reliable.
      • Sea Ice Postitions.
        • Maximum and minimum extent of sea ice has changed.
        • Reliable, but records don't go very far back.
      • Diaries and Paintings
        • Visually show what the climate was like.
        • 500 years ago - Europe was much colder.
        • Not reliable- one viewpoint.
      • Global Temperature Data.
        • Since 1850s.
        • Reliable short term recording.
        • Weather stations not evenly distributed.


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