Evaluation of cognitive approach

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  • Evaluation of the cognitive approach
    • Fallon and Rozin- Showed male and female students a series of body silhouette pictures of increasing and asked to rate.
      • 1. Their current body shape. 2. Their ideal body shape. 3. Body shape the other sex would find most attractive.
        • They found men rated current and ideal very closely.Women rated other attaciveness as significantly smaller than current and ideal.
          • This suggest that both m/f believe that others will find them attractive if they are smaller .
    • McKenzie- Asked female AN patients to judge their body size in relation to other women, judge ideal weight and changes in body following a sugary snack.
      • They found the ED patients overestimated their size when comparing themselves to people their own size. ideal weight and shape was much smaller than controlled group.
        • This suggests that after eating a small chocolate bar and soft drink the ED group judged their size to have increased , controlled did not.
          • Cognitive therapy is very successful treating patients -aims to change the patients thinking about their weight.


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