evauation of lay magistrates

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  • Evaluation of Magistrates
    • + P lay magistrates are appointed from their local area, so they have local knowledge.
      • DP living or working close to the court will mean that the magistrates will know the area that is being discussed in criminal cases. they will also be more concerned as the crimes are being committed near to them.
        • WDP magistrates tend not to live in the more deprived areas where the majority of criminal activities occur.
    • P lay magistrates can rely on the advise of the legal advisor to help them reach the right decision
      • DP as magistrates are lay people it is essential to have a legally qualifies solicitor or barrister present in the court room.
        • WDP lay magistrates are criticised for being too reliant on the legal advisor and not making their own decisions.
    • + P there are very few appeals made from the magistrates court sob they must get most of their decisions right.
      • DP magistrates must do a good job as there are relatively few appeals made to the higher courts
        • WDP lay magistrates are criticised for being inconsistent when sentencing and delivering a variety of different sentences for very similar offences which is unfair on the defendant.


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