'Evaluate sociological explanation of corporate crime'

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  • Evaluate sociological explanation of corporate crime.
    • Marxist Theory
      • Is a sociological view that focuses on the economic of society as well as how it it impacts different individuals
    • Sees capitalism as criminogenic
      • Capitalism causes crime in both classes however only W/C get convicted.
    • Power of the ruling class
      • Making laws to divide social classes
    • Crimes of the powerful
      • Corporate crime
        • Committed by employees so the company can achieve goals
        • Break human rights
        • Health and Safety Laws
        • White collar crime
          • Crimes committed by M/C and higher class people in course of their occupation.
            • Edwin Sutherland
          • Fails to recognise the two types of crime.
      • Occupational Crime
        • Committed by employees for their own personal gain
        • Stealing funds
    • Strain theory
      • Merton's Anomie strain theory
        • W/C people see desirable products that they cannot get so turn to crime to get the items


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