Eva smith charachter analysis

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  • Eva smith charachter analysis
    • Eva smith is described as "pretty women by Gerald,Sheila and eric
      • Gerald says that "very pretty soft brown hair with dark eyes"
    • Her parents are dead
      • She came from outside of brumley because Mr birling speaks her of being"country breed"
    • She was a working class.
    • Inspector said that she kept a diary which was the proof of evidence for last 2 years of her life
    • however in act 3 we begin to wonder if Eva/daisy ever existed
      • Because Gerald said"wev'e no proof if it was the same photograph and therefore no proof it was the Same girl"
        • Birling adds"there wasn't the slightest proof if Eva
    • Eva name is representing bible because eve first women crated on earth and smith common name .
      • This can show Eva smith can represent every women in her class


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