Eva Smith/Daisy Renton

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  • Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
    • Personality
      • Who was she?
        • One of Arthur Birling's employees who was sacked for protesting against lower wages
        • Daisy Renton was a prostitute which was how she met Eric and Gerald
        • Her true identity is never revealed. Priestley uses this to show that all the working class are seen as the same by people like the Birlings
      • The Birlings took away all her incomes
        • Birling had her sacked, Sheila got her sacked as a store asisstant, Gerald dropped her as his mistress when it suited him
        • She could no longer make an income as a prostitute either after Eric got her pregnant
      • She never sought revenge - the Inspector does this for her
      • She is essential to the play's message of social responsibility
      • her true identity is never confirmed
    • Themes
      • Social Class - Eva Smith lost all forms of support because other people used their power to move her on or have sex with her. Each of them felt superior to Eva because of their social class.
      • Social Class - Some productions of An Inspector Calls put Eva on stage, sometimes as a ghost
    • Quotes
      • "young, fresh and charming"
        • Eva is attractive
      • "she didn't want to take any more money from him"
        • honourable
      • "a girl of that sort"
        • people looked down on her as she was part of the working class
      • "there was some woman who wanted her to go there"
        • she was a prostitute


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