Ethical Issues

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  • Ethical Issues
    • The moral obligations that all researchers have as developed by the BSA (British Sociological Associations)
    • Participants should give free and informed consent to their role in the study
      • They should get consent before they do any research, the sociologist should be open and honest about work being carried out
        • Problems?
          • secret groups
          • people with disabilities
          • sensitive topic
          • people who cant speak fluent English
          • children needs parental consent
      • Studies can be  endangered if the person studied is aware or the real person
      • Milgram 1974 didnt get informed consent so was unethical
        • It psychologically harmed the participants
        • It broke Confidentiality
    • Covert Studies are also criticised for not gaining informed consent
      • covert methods dont tell people the group being studied that they are actually being studied
        • Lack of honesty and informed consent


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