Eric Birling

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  • Eric Birling
    • Seems embarrassed and awkward from the start
      • Could be foreshadow for what is to come
    • Soon becomes clear he is a hardened drinker
      • "I have gathered that he does drink pretty hard"
    • Feels guilt and frustration with himself over his relationship with Eva
      • Horrified that his thoughtless actions had such consequences
      • Had innate sense of responsibility as he tried to give Eva money after he got her pregnant
        • Prioritises Eva over family as he steals from them as he's more concerned with her situation
          • Most socially aware member of the family
    • Appalled by his parents' inability to admit their own responsibility
      • "I'm ashamed of you"
    • Fully aware of his social responsibilty
      • Not interested in his parents' efforts to cover everything up
      • "The fact remains that I did what I did"
        • Demonstrate wisdom in accepting their responsibility and deciding to change their behaviour


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