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  • Eric Birling
    • Personality
      • Troublesome son
        • isolated from his family and feels like nobody understands him - he forced himself upon Eva Smith and deeply regrets his actions
        • He's been hiding dirty secrets
          • He's a heavy drinker, he got a prostitute pregnant and he stole money from his father's office
      • His actions bring serious consequences
        • His activity with prostitutes is not uncommon among middle - class men but he lacks self control unlike the others so his secret gets out
    • Themes
      • Family Life - Birling seems disappointed in his son, and gets on better with Gerald. This must be a crushing blow for Eric
      • Judgement - Gerald treats Eva as his mistress and ends the affair - his reputation is undamaged
        • This contrasts with Eric who drunkenly got Eva pregnant, stole money for her and brought a scandal upon his family
    • Quotes
      • "I didn't remember- that's the hellish thing" Act 3
      • "You don't understand anything. You never did" Act 3
      • "My God - I'm not likely to forget"
      • "I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty"


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