Eric- An Inspector Calls

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  • Eric
    • Weak-willed
      • Looks for an easy way out of troubles (eg. leaving when the Inspector came and drinking)
    • Lacking Confidence
      • At the beginning he is described as "half shy and half assertive"
      • Unable to explain his laughter at the start
      • Talked down to by his father
    • Assertive
      • "Why shouldn't they ask for higher wages?"
      • Questions his father's decision to sack Eva.
    • His relationship with his father
      • The contrast between him and his family highlight his aloofness and detachment
      • Mr Birling looks down on him and on occasions threatens to get physical with him
        • "Why you hysterical young fool- get back- or I'll"
    • Priestley's views
      • He and Sheila are used to show how future generations are prepared to change their views/ ways for the future of society


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