Eric Birling - Quotes

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  • Eric
    • "I don't know - really. Suddenly I felt I just had to laugh." - Act 1
    • "Why shouldn't they try for higher wages?" - Act 1
    • "The money's not the important thing. It's what happened to the girl and what we all did to her that matters." - Act 3
    • "In a way, she treated me - as if I were a kid. Though I was nearly as old as she was." - Act 2
    • "(bursting out) What's the use of talking about behaving sensibly. You're beginning to pretend now that nothing's really happened at all. And I can't see it like that. This girl's still dead, isn't she? Nobody's brought her to life, have they?" - Act 3
    • "(bitterly) You haven't made it any easier for me, have you, mother?" - Act 2
    • "(rather noisily) All the best! She's got a nasty temper sometimes - bit she's not bad really. Good old Sheila!" - Act 1


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