Enzymes and respiration

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  • Enzymes and Respiration
    • Respiration is the process if releasing energy from glucose, which goes on in every cell
      • It involves many reactions all of which are catalysed by enzymes
      • As respiration releases energy that the cell needs to do just about everything
      • 1)respiration is not breathing in and out
      • 2)Respiration is the process of releasing energy from the breakdown of glucose-and it goes on in every cell in the body
      • 3)It happen in plants too, all living things repsire
    • Aerobic respiration needs plenty of oxygen
      • Aerobic respiration is the most efficient way to release energy from glucose
      • It goes on all the time in plants and animals
      • Most reactions in aerobic respiration happen inside the mitochondria
      • Glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water + energy
    • Respiration releases energy for all kinds off things
      • 1)To build up larger molecules from smaller ones (like proteins and amino acids)
      • 2)In animals, to allow the muscles to contract
      • 3)In mammals and birds the energy is used to keep their body temperature steady
      • 4)In plants, to build sugars, nitrates and other nutrients into amino acids, which are then built up into protiens


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