enlgish pride and prejusdice theme prejudice

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  • Pride and Prejudice, Themes, Prejudice
    • Definition - a preconceived opinion not based on reason or experience.
    • Presented as a main theme - as it is the title of the text it suggests that, with pride it is one of the most important themes throughout the novel.
    • Presented as a collective opinion - "his character was decided. he was the proudest most agreeable man in the world" decided by everyone and there is no going back,  everything bad he does will be exaggerated
      • small town - narrow minded  opinion,- why everyone leaves Hertfordshire (e and Darcy in the end)
    • Presented as a lesson to be learnt - at the end of the novel we find Elizabeth regretting her prejudice which shows how far she has come - "her sense of shame was severe" she is pained by how blind she had been. "she grew absolutely ashamed"
      • In overcoming that prejudice is where we can identify the strongest characters
      • Elizabeth's main flaw
    • Presented as a normality - something that everyone experiences because of the timed. Austen makes a big deal when people don't change - Lady Catherine


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