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  • English Lit: Poems
    • Porphyria's Lover
      • "And give herself to me for ever."
      • "and yet God has not said a word!"
    • Love's Philosophy
      • "Why not I with thine?"
      • "And the moonbeams kiss the sea"
    • Sonnet 29 "I think of thee"
      • "my thoughts do twine and bud"
      • "and breath within thy shadow a new air."
    • Neutral Tones
      • " they had fallen from an ash"
      • "The smile on your mouth was the deadest thing"
    • Letters from Yorkshire
      • "It's not romance"
      • "pouring aire and light into an envelope."
    • The farmer's Bride
      • " she turned afraid"
      • " all in a shiver and a scare."
    • Walking away
      • "like a satellite wrenched."
      • "into a wilderness."
    • Eden Rock
      • "They are waiting for me somewhere."
      • "They beckon to me from the other bank."
    • Follower
      • "An expert."
      • "Behind me, and will not go away."
    • Mother, any distance
      • "To fall or fly."
      • "Mother, any distance greater than a single span."
    • Before you were mine
      • "Marilyn."
      • " Where you sparkle and waltz and laugh, before you were mine."
    • Winter Swans
      • "Icebergs of white feather."
      • "like a pair of wings settling after flight."
    • Singh Song!
      • "tiny eyes ov a gun"
      • "Making fun at my daddy"
    • Climbing my grandfather
      • "the slow pulse of his good heart."
      • "where gasping for a breath, I can only lie."




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