Energy and Fuels

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  • Energy and Fuels
    • Fuel energy calculated using calorimetry
    • Larger the rise in temp more energy been released
    • Calorimetry
      • Uses a glass or metal container (copper - conducts heat)
      • Simple calorimeter
        • Polystyrene good thermal insulator - helps minimise energy transfer through sides of container
        • Lid reduces energy transfer to surroundings
        • Measurements using simple not accurate due to energy losses
    • Calculating Energy Released
      • Energy transferred (J) Q = mass of water (g) m + SHC of water (4.2) C + Temp changes (oC) triangle T
    • Consequences of energy provided by fuel
      • Burning fossil fuels release CO2
        • Global warming and climate change
      • Expensive to slow down the effects
        • Developing alternatives costs money
      • Crude oil running out and will get more expensive
        • Transport food, crude oil used as petrol/diesel so more expensive as used regularly


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