The ideas and policies of two other minor parties

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  • The ideas and policies of two other minor parties
    • The United Kingdom IndependenceParty
      • Policies
        • 'Taking back control' from the EU
          • Membership of the EU damages the UK's interests by subjecting us to the rule of an unaccountable European bureaucracy
          • We should 'take back control' of policies on trade, fisheries and other areas where national sovereignty has been shared with the EU
          • Following the June 2016 referendum, Brexit should be negotiated as quickly as possible, with no backsliding on defending UK interests
        • Restricting immigration
          • Main policy at the 2015 election
          • We need a points based system to ensure that migrants with necessary skills get priority
          • There should be a cap on numbers of migrants entering the country
        • Other policies
          • Support for grammar schools
            • Like the Conservatives
              • Scrap 'green taxes' which raise our energy bills
          • Scrap 'green taxes' which raise our energy bills
          • We should increase spending on the NHS, but migrants and visitors to the UK must have private health insurance
            • Indirect link to suspicion of the EU and immigration
      • Ideas
        • Radical right-wing populist party
        • Civic nationalism and British unionism
        • Hard Euroscepticism
        • Accepts the capitalist market economy and global free market
        • Economically libertarian
    • The Green Party
      • Policies
        • Reducing social inquality
          • End the creeping privatisation of the NHS
          • Abolish university tuition fees
          • Implement a wealth tax to fund the creation of new jobs
          • Increase minimum wage to 'living wage' of £10 an hour by 2020
        • Environmental issues
          • Phase out fossil fuel based energy and nuclear power and implement renewable solutions
          • Stop fracking which is environmentally dangerous
      • Ideas
        • Libertarian-universalistic values
        • Strongly pro-European
        • Radical socialist
          • Rejects privatisation
          • Rejects free market economics
          • Rejects globalisation
          • Committed to public ownership
          • Committed to workers' rights
          • Committed to economic democracy
          • Committed to progressive taxation
          • Committed to the redistributionof wealth and power


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