Elizabeth I Reign 1558 - 1603

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  • Elizabeth I Reign 1558 - 1603
    • Lord Burghley (William Cecil) Secretary of State/ Lord Treasurer
      • 1596 William Cecil dies and his son Robert Cecil becomes secretary of state
    • Spanish Armada (Enterprise of England) 1588
      • August 1588 Spanish Armada defeated
        • Important Victory for Elizabeth
      • Religion: Protestant vs Catholic
      • Bad weather delayed the Spanish Armada
      • Execution of Mary Stuart angered King Philip of Spain
      • Sailed in a cresent formation
      • Commanded by the Duke of Medina Sidonia
      • English involvement with the Dutch rebels
        • Treaty of Nonsuch 1585 between the Dutch rebels and England
      • English used fire ships to destroy the armada
      • Piracy
      • Elizabeth refused King Philip of Spains marriage proposal in 155i9
      • Treaty of Joinville 1584 signed by Spain and France - catholic crusade against England now possible?
      • Plan was to join with the Duke of Parma at Flanders
      • Due to both wanting a share of the Netherlands
    • 1590 Walsingham dies
      • 1591 Hatton dies
    • Known as The Virgin Queen
    • Robert Dudley was Elizabeth's favourite
    • Tilbury Speech
      • Took place after the Gravelines battle
    • The Golden Age
    • Number of plots to put Mary Queen of Scotts on the thrown
    • Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were Elizabeth's parents
    • Privy Chamber
      • Gave limited access to the Queen
    • Presence Chamber
      • Where courtiers would await an audience of the Queen
    • Privy Council helped the Queen rule
    • Ireland (Tyronne Rebellion) 1595-1603
      • 1595 Hugh O'Neill (Earl of Tyrone) becomes dominant in Ulster (Leader)
      • 1597 O'Neill raises a strong Catholic army with Spanish help
        • Overthrow English Lordship
      • Battle of Yellow Ford 1598 - O'Neill beats English
      • Elizabeth raises an army under the Earl of Essex (Robert Devereux)
        • 1599 Essex leads his army but they are defeated due to desertion, disease and the battle itself
          • Essex then forms a peace treaty with O'Neill without the Queens permission 1599
            • Starts the Essex rebellion
              • Planned to enter the Privy Chamber by force, remove the privy council/Robert Cecil, isolate the queen and gain her ear
      • Elizabeth appoints Lord Mountjoy (Charles Blount) as Lord Deputy of Ireland after Essex's failure 1600
      • 1605 'Flight of the Earls' - O'Neill and other leaders flee Ireland
      • 1602 Lord Mountjoy destroys O'Neill and the Spanish at the Battle of Kinsale
    • Debt at the end of 1603 £350,000
  • 1602 Lord Mountjoy destroys O'Neill and the Spanish at the Battle of Kinsale


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