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  • Dulce El DEecorum Est
    • The Old Lie
      • 'Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori'
        • Owen is arguing that war is not an honourable affairr, and is insetad filled with pain and suffering
          • This is the overall theme of the poem, and the moment it had been building to
    • Similies and Metaphors
      • 'Bent double like old beggers' is toying with the idea that war is a process that ages young men
        • 'Choking, stumbling, in my dreams' Owen is showing that war haunts the soldiers, and can never truly be over
    • The poem's menaing
      • The poem onlyu truly became popular afer Wilfried's death
    • The poet never knew hos famous this poem would be
      • This shows the how selfless the message of the poem was
    • Wilfried also challenged the social norm, as he was a homosexual man in the 1920s
      • This shows he was challenged by society, but still battled in wars for his country
    • The style of the poem is inspired by and similar to French style poems
      • The first part of the poem is written in first person, as though he is in the action
        • The second part of the poem is written a sif he is distanced from the horror


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