The Sign Of The Four: Dr Watson

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  • Dr Watson
    • He emotional and romantic.
      • Holmes accuses him of taking a fanciful approach to detection in his writing of 'A Study in Scarlet'.
        • 'You have attempted to tinge it with romanticism.' (C1)
          • A foil to Holmes, who only observes cold facts.
      • He is concerned about Holmes' well-being.
        • 'You know, too, what a black reaction comes upon you. (C1)
      • He immediately admires Miss Morstan's beauty.
        • ''What a very attractive woman!' I exclaimed.' (C2)
        • Their relationship is a sub-plot.
      • He adds human feelings to the narrative which helps the reader connect with the story and characters better.
      • He is sometimes hurt by Holmes' insensitivity.
        • 'I sprang from my chair and limped impatiently about the room with considerable bitterness in my heart.' (C1)
    • He admires and is loyal to Holmes.
      • Watson openly admits his admiration for Holmes.
        • 'I assure you, Holmes, that I marvel at the means by which you obtain your results in this case.' (C7)
        • 'You have an extraordinary genius for minutiae.' (C1)
      • He is committed to Holmes and follows him into a range of potentially dangerous situations.
        • 'I lost my bearings, and knew nothing, save that we seemed to be going a very long way. Sherlock Holmes was never at fault...'
      • He is a valuable companion to Holmes.
        • 'Your presence will be of great service to me' (C6)
    • He is an honourable character.
      • When he falls in love with Miss Morstan he worries that her inheritance will come between them.
        • Context: Social conventions disapproved of people forming romantic connections with those of a different social class.
        • 'Worse still, she was rich.' (C7)
        • 'Might she not look upon me as a mere vulgar fortune-seeker?' (C7)
      • He was an army doctor. He has medical knowledge.
        • 'an army surgeon with a weak leg and a weaker banking account'


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