DNA and Cell Division

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  • DNA and Cell Division
    • DNA
      • Genetic code that determines characteristics
      • Chromosomes made from DNA
      • Unique (not identical twins)
      • DNA fingerprinting -DNA cut up and separated
    • Genes
      • Section of DNA
      • Codes for specific protein
        • Strings amino acids together (what order)
    • Mitosis
      • New cells for growth and repair
      • Cell makes copy of each chromosome (genetic material)
        • Cells divide
          • 2 genetically identical cells formed
      • Asexual reproduction
    • Meiosis
      • Cell makes copy of each chromosome
        • Pair of chromosomes divide
          • Chromosomes divide
            • Gametes formed
      • Sexual reproduction
    • Stem cells
      • Unspecialised cell
      • Differentiation- cells become specialised
      • Can develop into any kind of human cell
      • Found in human embryos and bone marrow
      • Treatments for conditions e.g. paralysis
      • Social and ethical issues (human embryos)


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