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  • DNA
    • Chromosomes
      • They are really long molecules of DNA
      • DNA contains all instructions that enable it to construct and organism and make it work
      • It is found in the nucleus of both animal and plants cells in VERY long molecules called chromosomes.
    • DNA stands for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
    • A gene
      • It codes for a specific protein. A gene is also a section of DNA.
        • Genes tell cells what order to put the amino acids in.
        • DNA determines what protiens the cell makes
          • Haemoglobin and Keratin
          • AND DNA determines what type of cell it will be e.g. red blood cell or skin cell
      • Cells can make protiens by stringing amino acids together in a particular order.
      • Only 20 amino acids are used. But they make thousands of different proteins.


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