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  • Diversity
    • core feature
      • idea that all representations of society should reflect the diverse elements of which it is made up of
        • represented in forms of employment, public service & poltics
      • In UK public bodies are assessed at how effectively they promote diversity
      • Citizenship education places central focus on diversity and the legitimisation of diversity in personal identity
      • criticised for undermining the homogeneity of nation
        • and therefore promote social tensions
      • Diversity is set against the preferred principles of integration (where migrants adopt the practices of the host country)
        • OR assimilation - where migrants are absorbed into the host community
          • These 2 principle demand that immigrants have an obligation to adjust themselves to the practices of the host community and to obey its expectations of heritage and cultural norms
    • Tension between Diversity & Integration exists in USA
      • motto of republic - from many shall come one
        • ambivalent statement
          • can mean that anyone wishing to become a US citizen must adopt the principle of Americanism
          • can also mean that migrants can make their own new american identity
            • dont need to hide a sense of where they cam from as long as they give pride of their place to their Americaness
              • explains existence of hyphen americans - african-americans, etc.
              • As long as the native identity is the adjective qualifying the US noun - this diversity is acceptable and a strength of US identity
                • argued by Obama in iaugural address Jan 2009
    • BENEFICIAL to society and the individual
      • brings a range of experience and cultural inputs which increase the scope of society
        • EG: music and other forms of culture
          • makes society more vibrant and free modern society from the danger of developing a dull conformism warned of by JS Mill
        • their perception of the world is enlarged by participating in a diverse society
          • can achieve self relsation
          • reduces prejudices - which is generated by lack of contact with other cultures and the ignorance of other peoples cultures
          • tensions and conflict rarely occur within areas of great diversity
            • they tend to arise on the boundaries BETWEEN ares dominated by different religions, ethnic/cultural groups


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