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  • Russia's Diversity
    • Climate
      • Yakutsk can have temperatures reaching -60 in winter and 40 in summer
      • Northern Siberia only has 2 months of frost-free summer
      • The coast of the Black Sea has a sub-tropical climate
        • Oranges and lemons are grown here today, as well as the vines to make Geogian wine
    • Terrain
      • There is a large desert near the Caspian Sea
        • This desert makes up about 20% of russia's total area
      • At the very north, there is a treeless tundra, where only moss and lichen can grow
    • Population
      • The majority of the population was concentrated west of the Ural Mountains
        • This was where Russia's largest cities, Moscow and St Petersburg
      • Only 1.6% of the population lived in  towns or cities of over 100,000 inhabitants


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