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  • Disease
    • Spread of Pathogens
      • Water
        • Pathogens can be picked up by drinking or bathing in dirty water
        • Cholera is a bacterial infection that is spread by drinking water contaminated with the diarrhoea of other sufferers
      • Air
        • Pathogens can be carried in the air and then can be breathed in
        • Some airborne pathogens are carried in the air in droplets produced when you cough or sneeze
      • Direct Contact
        • Touching contaminated surfaces, including the skin
        • Athletes Foot - fungus that makes skin itch and flake - spread by touching the same things as an infected person - shower floors and towels
    • Viruses
      • Live inside cells and replicate themselves using the cells' machinery to produce many copies of themselves
        • Cells will  then burst and release all of the new viruses
        • The cell damage is what makes you feel unwell
      • Not cells - 1/100th the size of a bacterium - reproduce rapidly like bacteria
    • Bacteria
      • 1/100th the size of your body cells - reproduce rapidly inside body - make you feel ill by producing toxins that damage your cells and tissues
    • Fungi
      • Some are single-celled and some have a body that is made up of hyphae (thread-like structures)
        • Hyphae - can grow and penetrate human skin and the surface of plants - causes diseases
        • Can produce spores that spread to other animals and plants
    • Protists
      • All eukaryotes and most are single-celled
        • Some are called parasites - live on or inside other organisms and can cause them damage
          • Often transferred by a vector, which doesn't get the disease itself - an insect that carries the protist
    • Pathogens
      • Micro-organisms that enter the body and cause disease
        • They cause communicable diseases - diseases that are easily spread
        • Plants and animals can be affected by pathogens


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