Digestion and enzymes

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  • Digestion and enzymes
    • Carbohydrates
      • Broken down by carbohydrases
        • e.g. amylase
          • produced by salivary glands, pancreas, small intestine
        • into simple sugars
          • in the mouth and small intestine
    • Proteins
      • broken down by proteases
        • into amino acids
          • in the stomach and small intestine
        • produced by stomach and small intestine
    • Fats
      • broken down by lipase
        • produced by pancreas and small intestine
        • into fatty acids and glycerol
          • in the small intestine
    • Speeding up digestion
      • changing pH
        • alkaline bile produced by liver, stored in gall bladder
          • neutralises acidic liquid coming from the stomach
        • acid secreted by stomach
      • changing surface area
        • bile emulsifies fat droplets to increase surface area


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