Enzymes and digestion

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  • Digestion
    • Carbohydrate
      • Amylase is produced in salivary gland
        • Saliva enters the mouth
          • Amylase hydrolysed starch to maltose
            • Enters stomach
              • Amylase denatured by acid
              • Food passed into ileum
                • Amylase from pancreatic juice breaks down remaining starch
                  • Muscles pushes food down ileum
                    • Maltese produced in ileum lining
                      • Hydrolyse maltose in alpha glucose
                      • Is a membrane bound disaccharidase
    • Protein
      • Hydrolysed by a group of peptidases
      • Endopeptidase
        • Hydrolyse peptide bonds in central region
        • Exopeptidase
          • Hydrolyse peptide bonds at outer regions
      • Dipeptidase
        • Hydrolyse bonds between two amino acids
    • Lipid
      • Made into micelles by bile salts
        • Emulsification
        • Increase surface area
      • Hydrolysed by lipase
        • Formed in pancreas
    • Chemical digestion
      • Hydrolyse insoluble molecules to soluble ones
        • Addition of enzymes
    • Physical digestion
      • Large food broken down by physical structure
        • Teeth
      • Provides a large surface area for chemical digestion


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