Diffusion through cell membranes

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  • Diffusion through cell membranes
    • Gas exchange in the lungs
      • Transfer 02 to blood and remove unwanted CO2 from it
      • Lungs contain air sacks - alveoli
        • Specialised to maximise diffusion of O2 and CO2
          • Enormous SA
          • Moist lining for dissolving gases
          • Very thin walls
          • Good blood supply
    • Villi
      • Inside small intestine
      • Increased SA so digested food is absorbed and products can move into bloodstream - fuel (respiration) and growth/repair
      • Single layer of surface cells
      • Good blood supply to assist quick absorption
        • Carry away digested food molecules asa diffused from one molecule to another
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    • Why does food need to be broken down into small soluble molecules
      • So diffusion across teh gut lining can take place
    • Why does small intestine have a rich blood supply?
      • To carry away the digested food to the cells and maintain a steep concentration gradient


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