Diffusion and Osmosis-B4

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  • Diffusion and Osmosis
    • Diffusion- net movement of particles in a gas or liquid from an area of high concentration to low concentration
      • Random movement
      • How water, oxygen and CO2 enter and leave cells through the cell membrane
    • Osmosis- the random movement of water through a partially permeable membrane from an area of high water concentration (diluted) to low water concentration (concentrated solution)
    • Entry of water into plants increases pressure- turgor
      • Water content shrinks- cell becomes plasmolysed and flaccid
      • Cell full of water=turgid
    • Animal cells lack a cell wall, could burst if too much water enters- lysis
      • Crenation- too much water leaves the cell and it shrinks (scalloped shape)
    • Rate can be increased by shorter distance to travel, steeper concentration gradient, greater surface area


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