Did WSPU militancy help or hinder the campaign?

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  • Did WSPU militancy help or hinder the campaign?
    • It brought them to the public's attention
    • The  violence and militancy always defeated the bills in the House of Commons
    • Got them sent to jail, where they could go on hunger strike and get sympathy
    • Asquith was already against it, so the militancy didn't make it worse
    • It gave the government an excuse not to give in
    • Because of the increased publicity it stayed in the news
    • The militant behaviour kept them in the news, meaning that they got more members
    • Made the government hostile to Votes for Women
    • It turned moderate men, especially MPs, against the idea
    • Emily Wilding Davidson's death showed how much the women cared about the cause
    • It meant people got used to the idea and began to accept it
    • Caused the WSPU and the NUWSS to split
    • Hunger striking got sympathy for the WSPU (and force feeding)
    • It supported the view that women were not responsible for the vote


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