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  • Development
    • Improvement and social advancement of an economy weather attitude or state or weather of an economy
    • MEDC
      • More economically developed country
      • Diet: Organic (balanced), fast food, fish
      • Life expectancy    ( numbers of years expected to live) : 75+
      • Infant mortality (die before age of 1): Low
      • Types of Jobs: Skilled and high paying
      • People per doctor: 500 patients
      • Housing: Brick and cement and spread out
      • Exports: Manufactured and high value
      • Literacy  Rate (can read and write over the age of 16): 99-100%
    • LEDC
      • Less economically developed county
      • Sierra Leone
      • Diet: Bread, corn and pap. Malnourished eat a lot of starches as it is filling
        • Exports: Raw materials, low value
        • Literacy rate: Poor
      • Life Expectancy: 40
      • Types of jobs: Unskilled and manual labour
      • Infant mortality: High
      • People per doctor: 3000 patients +
      • Housing: Cardboard, wood and clustered


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