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  • Developing New Medicines
    • A good medicine must be....
      • Effective
      • Safe
      • Stable
      • Safely taken into and excreted from the body.
    • Researchers target disease and make lots of new drugs
      • These drugs are tested in labs on cells, tissues, organs and systems - most drugs fail at this stage.
        • Chemicals which pass lab tests are tested on animals  to see how they work in a living organism
          • Drugs that pass animal testing will go forth into clinical trials on humans - drugs will be tested on healthy human volunteers to check for side effects.
            • If they pass this stage they go into bigger clinical trails to find out optimum dosage for drugs.
    • Double Blind Trials
      • To see just how effective the drug is.
      • Some subjects are given a placebo - a pill which contains no drug at all.
      • Neither doctors or patients know who has recieved the placebo or the actual drug.
    • Thalidomide
      • Drug which was originally perscribed as sleeping pill
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      • In future, was perscribed to pregnant women suffering morning sickness
      • Drug wasn't tested on pregnant women


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