Determinants of AD

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  • Determinants of Aggregate Demand
    • Changing in consumption.
      • Changes in consumer confidence
      • Changes in interest rates.
      • Changes in wealth.
      • Changes in personal income taxes
      • Changes in the level of householdindebtedness
    • Changing in investment.
      • Changes in political priorities.
      • Changes in economic priorities: deliberateefforts to influence aggregate demand.
    • Investment
      • Changes in business confidence.
      • Changes in interest rates.
      • Changes (improvements) in technology.
      • Changes in business taxes.
      • The level of corporate indebtedness.
      • Legal/institutional changes.
    • Changing in exports-imports.
      • Changes in national income abroad.
      • Changes in exchange rates.
      • Changes in the level of trade protection. ‘


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