Design argument

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  • Design argument (created by St Thomas Aquinas)
    • The universe seems to be designed:
      • The way the universe works according to scientific laws
      • The way humans grow from a tiny blueprint of DNA
      • The structure of DNA indicates a design or blueprint for the structure of organisms
      • The way complex mechanisms work
      • The way the big bang worked with the laws of science
      • Beauties of nature
      • Evolution: the pattern of evolution shadows the pattern of the 7 days of creation
    • How it can lead to a belief in God
      • 1. Anything that is designed must have a designer
      • 2. The universe is designed
      • 3. The only possible designer of the universe is God
      • 4. The appearance of design in the world proves that God exists
      • Paley's watch:a watch is designed and designed for a purpose - to tell the time so it must have a designer
    • How it may not lead to a belief in God
      • Lack of design in the world e.g. earthquakes, disease
      • Evidence of design can be explained through science without God
      • Does not refer to the existence of dinosaurs which must have been part of the design plan
      • Proves the universe has a designer, not God
        • The designer doesn't have to be God
      • Survival of the fittest


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