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  • Desertification
    • Degradation of land
      • Becomes drier and less productive.
        • 1/3 Earth's land- risk of desertification
    • Soil erosion
      • Exposed soil- easily removed by wind or water.
        • Nutrients in the soil
          • Fallen Leaves and dead plants
          • Are lost- Soil becomes unproductive
            • Soon- ground becomes sandy, dusty stoney.
    • Main Causes of Desertification
      • Climate Change
        • Rainfall
          • Expected to reduce rainfall in current dry areas.
            • Less rainfall= less water for plants to grow= Plants die.
            • Roots hold soil together, plants die= Soil is easily eroded
        • Temperatures
          • Expected to rise.
            • Higher Temps.= More evaporation
              • Makes soil drier- plants die- roots no longer hold soil together.
      • Human Activities.
        • Population Growth.
          • Puts pressure on land
            • More Deforestation, Overgrazing and Over-cultivation
        • Removal of Fuel wood
          • People who live in dry areas rely on wood for fuel for cooking.
            • Removal of tree leaves- soil is exposed- more easily eroded
    • Reducing risk of desertification
      • Water Management
        • Growing crops that don't need much water- reduces water use.
          • Using drip irrigation on crops
            • Means soil isn't eroded by lots of water being added in one go.
      • Tree Planting
        • Trees act as winder breaks for the soil to protect against Wind erosion.
        • Stabilise the sand to prevent he desert from encroaching on farm land.
        • Growing trees in amongst crops- protects crops (and soil)
          • Provides shade-reducing temperatures and evaporation rates.


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