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  • Desertification
    • Causes
      • Climate change = Drier conditions and unreliable rainfall
      • Soil erosion when vegetation destroyed and it is exposed
      • Population pressure
        • leads to overgrazing on limited vegetation
        • Over-cultivation due to produce more food
        • increases demand for fuelwood = ***** of branches and dies
      • Badia, Jordan A dry & rocky with less 150mm
        • Influx of sheep after 1991 Gulf war = overgrazing and desertification
    • Reducing
      • Water and Soil management
        • Contour traps store heavy rain running down slopes
        • Prosopis cineraria in Thar desert provides shade, stabilizing roots and firewood
      • Desert national Park Thar Desert - 1992 protects 3000km2
      • Appropriate technology = line of stone to reduce soil erosion using basic local tools and increase crops 50%
    • Land is gradually turned into a desert so existing desert spreads


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