Definitions of abnormality

the 3 definitons of abonormality and their limitations.

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  • Definitions of abnormality.
    • Deviation from social norms.
      • There are unwriten rules set by  society.
        • Anything that deviates the rules is said to be abnormal
      • Limitations
        • Culture relative: In the UK it would be classed as abnormal to walk around naked but in tribes in Africa, it would be seen as normal. Therefore this definition is no valid as it is seen as normal in another country
        • ignores role of context: Someone washing their hands 50 times a day would be seen as abnormal but if a doctor washes their hands 50 times a day, it is see as normal. Therefore this definition is not valid as it mislabels people.
      • A disorder that might be defined as abnormal with this definition is OCD and Tourettes
    • Failure to function adequately.
      • Not being able to follow a daily routine
        • eg, not being able to get out of bed.
      • Limitations
    • Deviation from ideal mental health.
      • Limitations


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