Definitions of abnormality

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  • Definitions of abnormality
    • Deviation from social norms
      • A social norm is a rule set by society. Standard acceptable behaviour.
        • Being polite
        • Wearing clothes in public
        • Paying for things before you take them from a shop
      • Examples of this abnormality
        • Tattoos all over body
        • Having lots of cats
        • Walking round naked in public
      • ++ distinguish between desirable and undesirable behaviour
        • Takes into account how behaviour will accept others
      • -- context specific, some thinks may be completely normal and acceptable in some places/tie but stand out as abnormal in others eg. dressing up on a charity day
        • -- Era-dependant, some things have now become widely accepted eg homosexuality
          • -- does not state the difference between eccentricty and abnormality, non conformist lifestyle eg being indie
            • -- cultural differences
              • -- means of control
    • Deviation from ideal mental health
      • Defines what is normal mental health - anything deviating from this is abnormal
      • Jahoda's criteria for what is normal
        • positive high self esteem
        • Personal growth and self actualisation
        • Integration - the ability to cope with stress
        • Personal autonomy - having control over own life
        • Accurate perception of reality
        • Environmental mastery - meet the needs of a day-to-day life
      • ++ focuses on the positives rather than the negatives
        • relatively easy to follow
      • Who can fill all these criteria?
        • Surely everyone is a bot abnormal
        • Will these criteria be met at all times?
          • periods of stress and/or bereavement
        • Only based on western culture
          • cannot be generalised to the whlolepopuation
      • Exaples of the abnormality
        • Everybody hates me
        • I rely too much on my mum and i'm 37 still living at home
        • Annorexia
    • Failure to function adequately
      • Aperson is considered abnormal if they cannot cope with the demands of every day life
      • Inability to cope
        • Stable relationships
        • Hold down a job
        • Basic hygiene
        • Communicate meaningfully
      • Rosenhan and Seligman: 7 key areas of abnormality
        • Suffering and distress of the individual
          • self-harm and self harm
        • Oberver discomfort
          • Tourettes syndrome
        • Lack of control
          • Addictions eg drugs alcohol
        • Irrationality - behaviou doesnt make sense
          • OCD, Phobias
        • Maladaptivity
          • Eating disorders, depression
        • Inconvenient
          • Schizophrenia
        • Violation of moral standards
          • ****, murder ect
      • Objective judgement of abnormality
      • Hard to understand and follow
        • May be other factors involoved
        • Cultural variations


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