Defence of the Realm Act

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  • Defence of the Realm Act
    • All livestock must be scattered and let free
      • This is to ensure if anyone invades they have no food
    • The defence of the Realm Act was never dated
      • It was also never put into public viewing it was extremely secret.
    • All items must be sent to a designated  area which each person knows.
      • These items include all motors, bicycles, horses, mules, donkeys examples.
        • If these objects can not be taken immediately to the designated area they will be destroyed
          • They have this rule to ensure that if the germans or any enemies invade they have no method of transport
    • This was a Secret proclamation
      • It was issued to all local militant Comanders
    • All communications must be disconnected
    • It was a set of instructions
      • These instructions should be followed if the coasts are invaded
    • The most important is All Roads to be keep clear for military use
      • This is to make sure if anyone does invade the military can get to the coast as fast as possible
    • Provide assistance to all members of Military
      • Examples of this is Bedding, Food, Car etc.
    • Under NO circumstances should any civilians fire at the enemy
      • The Government heavily enforced this one because they could put the whole village in danger
        • However this does not apply to people who are registered with the War Office


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