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  • Databases
    • A flat file database is a database with just one table.
      • A flat file is useful because it is highly compatible between databases and other applications.
        • Flat file databases can be used for a number of things
          • Username and passwords
          • contact detail
          • product details
          • Enteties
          • When you build a database you are organising data into entities. An entity is any item that has its attributes stored as data. An entity could be  a book, a person, a film, a country or a football team.
            • The details about entities are called attributes. A person is an entity with attributes including age, height and nationality
          • entities - each recorded item
            • attributes - details about the entity
              • field - columns used to capture attributes
                • record - one row of details about an entity
                  • table - a set of fields and records
                    • primary key - unique number for an entity
                      • The main characteristics of a relational database are...
    • Relational databases allow data to be stored   across multiple tables. Links, known as relationships, are formed to allow the data to be shared across the tables.
    • it is built from a set of unique tables (also called relations)
      • a table contains data about just one entity
        • tables must have a primary key
          • tables are linked by primary and foreign keys


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