Computing - Data Transmission 1

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  • Data transmission
    • Duplex Mode
      • Simplex
        • data travels one way only
        • no collisions
      • Half duplex
        • data travels both ways one at a time
        • walkie-talkie
      • Full duplex
        • data travels both ways
        • no collisions
    • Protocols
      • Physical protocols
        • governed by the hardware
      • Logical protocols
        • governed by the software
    • Packets
      • What is it?
        • binary data that is capable of being routed around in a network
      • What's in the header?
        • Packet number
        • Dest and Source IP address
        • Time to live
        • Synchronization
      • has a limited size
        • can be split into smaller chunks
    • Error Detection
      • CheckSum
        • calculation is done and gives a CheckSum
          • CheckSum sent along with the packet
            • Dest PC performs the same calculation and check to see if they have the same CheckSum
      • Parity Check
        • Odd Parity
          • Packet has odd number of 1's
        • Even Parity
          • packet has even number of 1's
      • Echo
        • Source PC send data over to Dest PC
          • Dest PC sends data over to Source PC again
            • Source PC compares the data sent with the original data
              • If something is wrong, data is sent again


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