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  • Daisy Vs Judy
    • "i hope she'll be a fool..."
      • Judy a fool for assuming he lifestyleforce would last with johnny forever
      • Daisy a fool for not taking her opportunities for a better life
    • both ideal in their time
      • Daisy was literally golden
      • Judy was the ideal housewife
      • First impressions of both womensuggest they know how to abide to their times
    • both ignore the new movements
      • Daisy doesn'tthrive from the new woman movement of the 20's
      • sylvia has to tell Judy that this is "not what we fought for"
    • Both not enough for their husbands as both had affairs despite being ideal- shows men are ultimately in control of women emotions
    • Different  in the sense that Daisy had the oppotunityto be happy with Jay whereas Judy only had Johnny. but the fact they both stuck shows how women choices are limited


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