Culture Defence

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  • Cultural Defence
    • Poland
      • 1945-1989, Poland was under communist rule imposed from outside by the Soviet Union.
      • The Catholic Church did not always challenge the communist regime openly, it served as a popular rallying point for opposition.
        • E.g. actively supporting the solidarity free trade union movement that contributed to the fall of communism.
    • Iran
      • Western capitalist powers and oil companies had long had influence in Iran, installing a pro-Western regime headed by Shah.
      • 1960s and 70s, his successor embarked on a policy of rapid modernisation and Westernisation.
      • Islam became the focus for resistance to change and to  the Shah.
      • 1979 revolution brought the creation of the Islamic Republic, in which clergy held state power and were able to impose Islamic Shar'a law.
    • Bruce
      • Religion unites a community against an external threat and gives it a prominent role in politics.. It provides significance for its followers as it symbolises the society's collective identity.


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