Crude oils

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  • Crude Oil
    • What is crude oil...
      • A mixture of hydrocarbons
      • Hydrocarbons are made up of carbon and hydrogen
      • Molecules in crude oil aren't chemically bonded
        • All keep their original properties (condensing points)
          • So can be separated
    • Fractional distillation
      • Fractionating column works continuously
      • Heated crude oil is piped in at the bottom
      • Oil vaporises and is taped off at different fractrions
        • Different condensing levels
    • Alkanes
      • Crude oil hydrocarbons are alkanes
      • Chains of carbon atoms surrounded by Hydrogen atoms
      • They're saturated
        • Make as many bonds as they can
      • Cn2n+2
    • Trends
      • Shorter the molecule the less viscous
      • Shorter the molecule the more volatile
      • Shorter the molecule the lower the boiling point
      • Shorter the molecule the more flammable
    • Fuels
      • Burn cleanly so make god fuels
      • Most things are designed for the use of crude oil
      • More reliable than alternative fuels
      • Non-renewable


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