Crude Oil

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  • Crude Oil
    • Mixture of hydrocarbons
    • How it works
      • Oil is heated and the different hydrocarbons have different boiling points so they all condense at different temperatures
      • Longer hydrocarbons collect at the bottom - high boiling points
      • Shorter hydrocarbons collect at the top - low boiling point
    • Incomplete combustion of fuels
      • Produces carbon monoxide
      • Poisonous because it reacts with haemoglobin in blood cells - carries less oxygen
    • Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide
      • In car engines - temperature high enough nitrogen reacts with oxygen
      • Lead to acid rain - SO4 and NO2 make rain more acidic
    • Cracking
      • Necessary because long-chain hydrocarbons cannot be used directly and not enough short-chain hydrocarbons
      • Heat paraffin and a silica or alumina catalyst alternately at 600-700 degrees
        • Paraffin cracks - alkanes collect at the bottom of the boiling tube and alkenes colleccted through water and a glass jar


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