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      • attacked its LEGITIMACY as it violates universal values
        • promotes a collectivist image of society
          • this is where individuals are only thought to possess an identity and therefore only have value as MEMBERS OF A COMMUNITY
          • Theory: Communitarianism
            • Argue that the bonds of everyday life are crucial for binding society together
            • Places emphasis on relation of IDENTITY
              • Family
              • Ethnicity
            • Liberals find this dubious as it prmotes colelctive rights over individual rights
              • Thus human rights (especially FREEDOM OF SPEECH) are at RISK
            • The desire to protect the dignity of the community - led to large number of campaigns against books and plays by community leaders
              • these had the object of silencing dissident members of the communities
                • Liberals OBJECT as multiculturalism assumes people have A SINGLE IDENTITY which must determine their entire existence
                  • Multiculturalism give OPPORTUNITY & LEGITIMACY to anti-liberal authoritarian ideologies
                    • EG: Islamicism
      • Criticism arises from threat that it poses to organic society
        • the delicate structure of the organic society's that's a product of centuries of history - is being destroyed by rapid entry of large pop's who don't share same national values
          • CRUCIALLY they don't share same HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE
            • cannot share same heritage of the host population as their own narrative (tells them who they are how they became who they are) is DIFFERENT to everyone elses
              • Thus: impossible to identify with national history and national insitutions
      • 'Number threat'
        • isolated individuals - little problem - can be absorbed within a single generation
        • Issue of the requirememnt to give EQUAL MORAL VALUE to traditions and beleifs of immigrants
          • Doing thins DEVALUES the heritage of host community
            • Host community will feel disinherited by the lack of respect given to their traditions
              • they will REACT and SOCIAL DISORDER will ensue
          • BUT if multicultural experiments succeed - the essential national identity will be DESTROYED
            • Something that was of unique value will have VANISHED
                • lacking these assets will make sure that the new multicultural society will be impoverished, weak and unstable to what they have replaced
        • As there must be 'respect for all cultures' oppressive practices
          • EG: forced marriage
            • can all exist, as sometimes the authorities 'turn a blind eye' to activities which go against the law
          • domestic violence
          • female circumcism
      • Multiculturalism MARGINALIZES CLASS as a deciding factor of SOCIAL PROGRESS
        • Identity politics divert the working class from attacking economic exploitation
        • Multiculturalism up as just a celebration of
          • the growth of middle class from minority groups
          • ascent of individuals into high positions in professional & political life
        • Change is viewed on a community scale which leads to a system of 'spoils democracy'
          • This is where electorates voting on ethnic/religious linesexpect their representatives to deliver resource in the form of public jobs, contracts and development funds to their 'own community'
            • Rather than seeking change - advancement of society - electcted representativces  of minority communities may attempt to use electoral success to obtain and increased share of existing resources
              • Then distribute this to their own constituency hoping to ensure their continued political success


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