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  • Crinoids
    • Echinodermata, Crinoidea
    • Mode of life
      • Sessile
        • Sea lilies
      • nektonic
        • Feather stars
    • Morphology
      • Calyx
        • Houses the soft parts of the organism
      • Brachia
        • Delicate structures which move in the current collecting particles of food using cilia
      • Stem
        • composed of calcite ossicles, linked by soft tissue
      • Anal tube
        • removes waste material without it coming into contact with fresh water
      • Ossicle
        • Calcite plates which make up the stem
      • Holdfast
        • Attaches organism to the substrate
    • Ordovician to recent
      • Extant
    • abundant in the upper palaeozoic


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